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Suggested Questions for The Gentle Way Books:

  1. What is this Spiritual Tool you discovered and why do you feel it is better?
  2. What is a Benevolent Outcome?
  3. How do you request one?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Does Everyone Have a Guardian Angel?
  6. What else does requesting MBO's do for you?
  7. Shouldn't we just ask for MBO's for the important things only?
  8. What are some of the important requests you can make?
  9. Can this be used in dangerous situations?
  10. Can this be used to protect me from Identity Theft?
  11. Shouldn't a member of the clergy request these benevolent outcomes for you?
  12. Can this be used in requesting to be a winner for the lottery, bingo, and a casino?
  13. In your first book you have a chapter on The Radiant Effect. Please explain that.
  14. How can you request MBO's at work?
  15. How do you request MBO's for other people?

Suggested Questions for Conversations With An E.T.--First Contact!

  1. How did you come in contact with the E.T. you write about in the book?

  1. Why did he contact you?

  1. What form of communication do you use?

  1. What’s supposed to happen this year?

  1. In 2015?

  1. In 2017? 

  1. What does he look like?

  1. What planet does he live on?

  1. Can you describe his planet and solar system?

  1. Does he have a family?

  1. What has he told you about a Star Wars?

  1. What is the Federation of Planets? 

  1. Is the planet called Niburu a member?

  1. Is this the only Federation of planets?

  1. In the book you refer quite often to Time Lines.  Can you explain those?

  1. Can you describe the Mothership and Scoutships?

  1. Will the whole crew have the same appearance as Antura?

  1. How will they get here?  What are portals?

  1. How will they communicate with us—do they know our languages?

  1. Will they wear space suits?

  1. Are there other universes?

  1. Do they have the ability to help a planet in danger of blowing up? 

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