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1. I understand you're in the Entertainment business?
That's correct. I have been doing international film and TV program distribution For 24 years. Before that I ran an international tour company.

2. How did this evolve into writing a book about talking to Angels?
Besides the typical trade magazines that I read, over the years I read many spiritual books and articles. About 10 years ago, I kept noticing the word “Benevolent” appear again and again in stories about Angels. That’s not a word that we normally use, so it really stood out. I wrote the book to explain how I request Benevolent Outcomes in my everyday profession and private life.

3. What is a Benevolent Outcome?
A request for a Benevolent Outcome is a request for assistance from your Guardian Angel. You must ask for something specific, and it can only be used benevolently, even if it is accidentally or otherwise said in some way that is not benevolent. And it must be benevolent for everyone.

4. What is "THE GENTLE WAY" and why do you say the book is a self-help guide for people who believe in Angels?
The Gentle Way is an easier way to lead your life, by requesting assistance from your Guardian Angel. You have to ask for their assistance, as they will not assist you unless requested or in mortal danger.

5. Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?
Yes, I believe everyone does. There is an Angelic being that volunteers to watch over every person.

6. How do you know?
I know through direct experience and knowledge. I have requested at least 10,000 to 15,000 Benevolent Outcomes over the past 10 years, so I have proved it to myself beyond a shadow of doubt.

7. How do you request a Benevolent Outcome?
One of the examples I give in my book is to request a Benevolent Outcome for a parking space right in front of a store or restaurant. You would say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a parking space right next to __________. Thank you."

8. Explain how requesting Benevolent Outcomes work.
When you request a Benevolent Outcome for something specific for yourself, your Guardian Angel checks with other Guardian Angels to instantly evaluate the request. If it is benevolent for everyone connected to your request, then the wheels are set in motion for the event to happen.

9. Shouldn’t we request a Benevolent Outcome for just the most important things or events in our lives?
No. As I explain in the book, almost everyone is pretty disconnected from your Guardian Angel and Guides these days. By requesting the small things like a parking space or a seat on a subway or bus, you get immediate feedback and confidence, and you start making it a habit that carries over to requests for important outcomes.

10. In your book you have a whole chapter on requesting Benevolent Outcomes while traveling.
You're right. As part of my business, I have to travel both in the United States and internationally, so naturally I am constantly requesting MBO’s as I call them for the planes to be on time, my luggage to be there, for safety in the cities I travel to, for taxis, and many other requests.

11. Speaking of safety, you also devoted a chapter to requesting Benevolent Outcomes in very dangerous places like war zones, or even dangerous parts of urban cities.
Yes, I thought it especially important, because too many of us live in constant fear. I attempt to give everyone that reads my book a way to lower that fear factor and have less stress in your life.

12. Can you give us some examples of requesting MBO’s in dangerous situations?
If you're in the military, you can request a Benevolent Outcome for your safety in traveling from one location to another, or for your safe return from a patrol. A police officer or fireman can make the same request. If you work in a dangerous part of a city, such as in a convenience store or fast food restaurant, you can request a MBO for your safety each day at work.

13. Shouldn't a clergy person be the one to ask for a Benevolent Outcome for you?
No, not really. In the book I said that it would be impractical for 300 people to be calling their spiritual advisor all day to ask for Benevolent Outcomes for parking, business meetings and a 1,000 other requests. And keep in mind that this is your own personal Guardian Angel. You wouldn’t ask someone else to ask you best friend to do something for you—you’d ask them yourself!

14. In your book, you suggested Benevolent Outcomes for prostitutes. You aren't advocating or condoning prostitution are you?
Heavens no! But I am a realist. Thousands of girls and boys are sold into prostitution each year around the world, and thousands more leave home because of physical and sexual abuse and wind up as prostitutes. I suggested that they request MBO's for their safety and to be disease free each day, and then I suggested that they request a Benevolent Outcome to find a way out of prostitution and obtaining whatever they need to succeed in life. To many of them this would seem impossible, but it’s not.

15. Another point I found interesting was your suggestion for safety from Identity Theft. How is that possible?
Yes, I suggested that you request a MBO that your personal identity in all its forms be safe and secure from harm and corruption. Remember that you’re requesting a Benevolent Outcome from your Guardian Angel, so there will be an invisible guard around your identity in all forms upon your request. As I said, it gives you back your power and that’s one less thing you have to be fearful about.

16. I'm sure everyone would like to hear about your success in playing bingo and blackjack.
When my family and I took a cruise out of Houston, I requested a MBO for winning at bingo on the last day of the cruise, and won half of an $8,400 pot, which paid for most of the cruise. On another cruise to Alaska, I requested a MBO when I cut the multiple decks of cards used in blackjack, and won virtually every hand dealt from that round of cards, along with most of the other players on the table.

17. You describe the other people winning as the Radiant Effect. Please explain that.
I found that whenever you ask for a Benevolent Outcome and there are other people around you such as your family and friends, there seems to be a Radiant Effect. If you request a MBO for arriving safely at your destination, not only do you arrive safely, but all those in the car or vehicle traveling with you. When you ask for a MBO for a perfect job to be yours, it not only is good for you, but for the company that hired you. If you report improprieties in your company or in the government agency you work for, thousands of people may be affected benevolently. When I won, the other players at the blackjack table also won.

18. Speaking of reporting improprieties, do you advocate whistle blowing?
I do if they are in a situation I described as being physically, mentally, or sexually abused, or if morally they are having a hard time living with this situation. By requesting a Benevolent Outcome for themselves in reporting these injustices, they will extricate themselves from a bad situation, and it will result in the best outcome for them and their families.

19. Your appendix section of the book was quite unusual. You called them "Bonus Points."
Yes. My son is in college and they give them extra work that will benefit their grade point level, although they are not required to do so. I felt that the suggestions I gave were beyond the scope of the book, but would contribute to the reader having a better life.

20. What were some of your suggestions?
I suggested that they seriously consider meditation, recording their dreams, a heart-heat meditation, and a daily affirmation.

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