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Midwest Book Review--5 STARS!
The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels is a guide to contacting and strengthening the connection with one's own guardian angel. Author Tom T. Moore has personally used the techniques for learning more about the world, surmounting major challenges, and forming a close friendship with one's angel. The Gentle Way is written for readers of all religious faiths, presupposing only a basic belief in angels, and covers how to discover and incorporate positive requests for benevolent outcomes into one's life, whether at home, in the corporate environment, in politics, travel, gambling, survival in dangerous places, and much more. Numerous suggested living prayers, such as "I am asking that the hearts of all beings come to love peace, cherish it and involve themselves in its creation" round out this uplifting spiritual guide.

Eagle Eye/One, Vancouver, Canada--September-December Issue 2006
On one hand you already know the information in this book - and Tom tells you so! BUT...most of us forget it, and The Gentle Way adds a new twist to the information and boldly challenges you to live it . If you want more fun and less stress in your life then you must read this book. If you want to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself then this is the book for you. For over 10 years Tom has been requesting "a most benevolent outcome" for every facet of his personal and professional life and shares his personal stories and insights with you. From our own personal experience since reading this book, we can truly say "It works". This may just be that book that can truly change your life. We highly recommend it.

Promise Magazine, Ohio--5 STARS!
This book will not confuse you. It lays things out for you in an easy to read and understand manner. The objective taught in this book will help you in everyday life. Manage your stress, relationships, work and more with your angels at your side! Learn how to live with your angels and we think you may be able to add a bit more joy into your life. In our opinion this book will get you started on a stronger path! Highly Recommended!

Claire Papin, Host of "It's All Good" on Sirius Satellite and Lime Radio
"The Gentle Way has brought me closer to a better understanding of the Divine communication with our Angels. In working with Tom's guidance, I now have a supportive tool for creating a gentler path with benevolent outcomes that I use to take for granted...a vital tool for anyone who wants to live a more blessed and purposeful life"

Scott Cluthe, Host of "Positively Incorrect!" on Sirius Satellite and Lime Radio
"Tom T. Moore is an excellent guest who comes from a place of sincerity and wisdom. His personal experience calling on his guardian angel only makes it a more powerful radio experience for my Sirius Satellite listeners on LIME radio!"

Paula Nunes and Tazz Powers, Hosts of The Paula and Tazz Show, KKUP Radio, Cupertino, California.
Paula says, "The "Gentle Way" is a fun, easy to use guide to strengthening your connection with your Guardian Angels. Just after reading the first couple of chapters, I was already using "MBO’s" to connect with my guardian angels. I really got the feeling my angels were saying "finally she is asking us for our assistance." Tazz says, "The impression I received from the "The Gentle Way" was that this method was like having our very own personal cell phone to our Guardian Angels...We should also treat them as if we couldn’t live without them. Oh, and one more thing—unlike our cell phone, we wouldn’t ever have to worry about being disconnected because we did not pay the bill."

The Monthly Aspectarian--Chicago, IL, July Issue 2006
"...The Gentle Way shows how to get in touch with or expand your connection with your Guardian Angel. Written for people of all faiths, it offers tips and suggestions in requesting the most benevolent outcome in our daily life, whether at home or work, traveling for pleasure, or even if we find ourselves in dangerous situations. ...Filled with success stories from family and friends, Moore shares with us how our angels are right beside us waiting to help; all we have to do is ask."

Brad and Sherry Steiger, authors of Real Angels, Guiding Spirits, and Heavenly Hosts.
In his inspirational new book, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for Those Who Believe in Angels, Tom T. Moore tells us that he has discovered an easier path in life that we can all take to reap great benefits on a daily basis. We, too, can contact our Guardian Angel and achieve "Benevolent Outcomes" for every aspect of our lives from our business dealings to our personal family relationships. Moore isn't interested in proving to us that his techniques work. He shows us how we can prove such positive outcomes to life problems for ourselves through direct experience.

Carl Minton--The Carmel Temple, Houston, Texas
"We are recommending 'The gentle Way' to those seeking a more positive focus in their lives and experiences. It is certainly a perfect example of how this perspective can help seekers reach their goals."

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