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I’ve owned several businesses in the last 35 years, including a retail store location. If you work in a retail store, I believe I can give you some suggestions that will assist you in having less stress and worry in your job.

A Gallup Poll found that 78% of Americans believe in Angels. About ten years ago, I read a suggestion to request benevolent outcomes for events in your life. I decided to try it out, and was amazed how PERFECTLY it worked for everything, from small requests such as a parking spot next to a busy restaurant to the really important negotiations in my business. After having made these requests between 10,000 and 15,000 times over the years, I am firmly convinced that our Guardian Angels are there to assist us in living more gentle lives. We just have to ask.

So let’s begin with the start of your day. Whether you travel to work by car, bus, subway, or train, you can say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a safe trip to my store today. Thank you.” Repeat the request for your return home each evening. If your store is in a high crime area, request a MBO (as I call them) for your safety during your walk to and from your store and all throughout the day. All of these requests work best when said with emotion. I live in a pretty safe area of my city, but I don’t even go to the grocery store without requesting a Benevolent Outcome for my trip to and from the store, post office etc.

Although these may seem like minor requests, I can assure you that the first time you see a wreck that occurs in front of you that you’re not involved in, or your bus narrowly misses hitting a truck as one lady recently emailed to tell me about, you’ll become a “believer” in making this a habit each day. You’ll know you’re being looked after the first time a policeman strolls by as you’re locking up the store and you notice some unsavory characters standing nearby.

Next, when you walk in your store each day state, “I’m EXPECTING great things today, and I am open to abundance and will accept it joyfully!” Then say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for attracting customers and sales today, and may it be even better than I hope or expect. Thank you.” This works whether you are an employee of the store earning the majority of your income from sales commissions or as the storeowner. Buyers will seem to appear just as you are free from making another sale, and you’ll hear comments such as “I was just driving by, and I suddenly decided to stop in to see what you have.” Your Guardian Angel arranged that for you, so be sure to say “Thank you” one or more times each time this occurs.

If you are the person that is in charge of purchasing goods from vendors, then you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for choosing the most saleable goods for my customers and obtaining the best prices, the best quality, and the best terms from my vendors. Thank you.” You may find that they unexpectedly offer you better prices and terms than you had, even if you had not asked for them. Or they might suddenly offer an item that you had not thought of before, which becomes a best seller for you.

What are some of the other requests for Benevolent Outcomes that you can make:

  • Request a MBO that your store and goods remain safe and secure from shoplifting;
  • Request a MBO when you meet with your accountant at tax time;
  • Request a MBO when you must utilize the services of an attorney;
  • Request a MBO when a customer asks you for advice for which items to purchase;
  • Request a MBO if you are looking for a better location for your store.
  • Request a MBO if you are looking for a job in a retail store that will be the best one for your talents, income, and personal growth.

Make requesting Benevolent Outcomes a habit. Otherwise you will soon forget to request MBO’s and you will fall back into your old patterns of accepting what life throws at you. So request MBO’s for even the minor things in life. That feedback will give you confidence to continue requesting Benevolent Outcomes in all of your life’s pursuits.

If you wish, you can choose to live in a more benevolent world with more success and less stress while working in a retail store. I have found this to be a gentler path to experience.



Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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