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On May 9 Richard Sutphen interviewed me on his new internet radio show “The Metaphysical World of Dick Sutphen.”  One of the callers to the show was a lady who said she was reading my book, and asked if she could substitute “I visualize a Most Benevolent Outcome for…” instead of “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…” Richard and I both picked up on where this had come from—THE SECRET film.  These visualization techniques have been around over 30 years, and probably a lot longer. 

I briefly explained to her that when you visualize something you wish to create in your life, it might not be the most benevolent outcome for you.  When you request it through your Guardian Angel, your own personal Angel will decide if this is best for you, and perhaps provide you with something even better than you could possibly think of.  That’s part of the great fun you will have in requesting benevolent outcomes. 

I’ll give you a couple of examples.  If you visualize being in a certain job, perhaps you’ll get it, but be miserable for a multitude of reasons.  But if you request a MBO (as I call them) for the PERFECT JOB FOR YOU, then over days, weeks, months, or even a couple of years, things will begin happening for you to obtain that perfect job.  There may be another job you have to take that will set you up for the one you’ll love.  Someone may be working in that position that has to be promoted or leave the company in order for you to be hired. 

It’s the same for finding a mate.  If you visualize a particular person or type person, you may wind up in a miserable relationship.  But if you request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT MATE FOR YOU, then again, things will begin to occur that will result in meeting the perfect person to spend your life with. 

If you wish to hear my archived interview with Richard Sutphen, go to and click on Dick Sutphen’s name, then scroll down and click on the complete list of archived shows.  My interview was on May 9.  Or you can find the link on my website. 

Now for some “Active Meditations” as I call them.  Remember, I’ve been told to actively promote meditation, and not only is it good for you, but also helps in raising the vibrational rate of the world, so give it a try.  Here are some of the questions I asked in the past month:

A quick question on “Inspiration.”  Does that come from your Guides, Guardian Angel, your Oversoul, or a combination?

Yes Tom.  It is a combination of influences in your lives.  Your Guides give you exactly that, guidance in your daily affairs to help keep you on the path you have chosen.  They will change as your interests change—such as a new job in a different field.   Your Guardian Angel is there to assist and work with other Guardian Angels if you ask them to assist you in the many benevolent requests you can make.  So much of this can be considered “Inspiration.”  Then of course there is your oversoul, which is actually a portion of your soul that constantly gives you inspiration as needed.  You have laid out a path to follow, and your oversoul or soul makes sure that inspiration reaches you.  Whether you choose that inspiration or go off on another path is entirely up to you, as it is free will.  If you choose another path, then your soul will set up other learning experiences for you on that path, although those experiences will not be at as high a level as you would have preferred when you were planning your life before birth.  

Was the sinking of the Greek ship my prediction, or I should say yours about a ship sinking, or is the one in the Gulf of Mexico still the one that will happen this summer?

Yes Tom.  The latter is the one I was referring to, where there will be a large loss of life.  I did not give you the sinking of the Greek ship because I felt it was too early on your schedule.

Will there be telepaths on space ships in the future for communication, or will all crew members be trained to communicate telepathically?

An interesting question Tom.  There will first be telepaths, but this will quickly change over to the crew being trained to do the same thing, so that communication will continue in case the telepath is critically injured or killed.  Early exploration will be dangerous until you have learned much about how things work in the universe and what dangers to avoid.

Will there any other school massacres in the United States this year?

No there will not be Tom.

What about 2008?

Yes there will be an attempt but it will be thwarted before there is loss of life.

If in one time line someone kills another, does the soul portion of that time line incur karmic debt, or do all the time lines?

Since all are connected Tom, they all do, but generally only one time line will have to pay the price so to speak either in that life or another.

Do the crystals that we have in our house assist me in any way?

Certainly more than you realize Tom.  They act as amplifiers for both our messages to you and yours to us.  Besides recording what and how it takes place, it acts as a large transmitter for you.  Say hello to them every so often and thank them for the job they are doing. 

How do tornadoes help balance the earth? 

Tornadoes do help balance the earth in many ways.  It is a way to delete the stress caused to the earth by humans.  It rids the heartland of this continent of negativity that builds up, not just in the areas that these tornadoes form and drop to earth but collectively from anywhere in North America. 

Why does the sky turn green when a tornado is about to strike?

It is an energy Tom with certain gases mixed together they have a green tinge.  These gases are moved about so violently that they change color.

Does Mt. Etna connect with other volcanoes and or fissures?

Yes certainly it does.  When it becomes active, as it is now, it is because of great pressure from other parts of the worth, so that Mt. Etna acts as an escape valve to let off steam or in this case, lava. 

Will Syria become a calming influence in the Middle East?

Yes they will.  There leader will be influenced by his European (UK) wife, plus he sees himself as a great leader and wishes to be involved in the politics of the region.  He will become a voice of reason and will become a negotiator with the Europeans to help subside the unrest in the Middle East and bring back stability, although naturally this will not happen or occur overnight.  This will take years, but the process will begin with the withdrawal of the American troops from the region.  Iraq, as I have said before, will continue to have their civil war for some time and the leader of Syria is concerned for the stability of his own regime and will do his best to keep it contained just in Iraq.

Will thee be any terrorist attacks in Europe during the upcoming months?

Yes there will be, but not of a mass or large nature.

Where will these attacks occur?

In Germany yes and France. 

How many will be killed or injured in these attacks?

Less than 100. In the 90’s.   But it will have an effect on their tourist trade during the summer months and after.  That is the whole reason for these attacks, to disrupt the economy of these nations.

If you have a question about the world you would like to know, please email me.  With that I wish you a Benevolent Month!




Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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