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My family and I went skiing over our spring break period.  This will be the last spring break we may take together, as my son will have graduated from college by the time you read this.  We used American Express mileage to fly first class, but that required us to fly through Phoenix and connect.  Our flight had a mechanical problem before arriving at the Dallas-Ft.Worth Airport, resulting in us missing our connection in Phoenix.  We had to standby for a commuter jet that was booked 58 people on a 50 seat plane.  Naturally I requested a Benevolent Outcome and we and three or four other standbys boarded with five seats unfilled on the plane.  The bags didn’t make it to our condo until 6:00 am the next morning, but they got there!

My wife wasn’t feeling well, so she did not go skiing with my son and me the first day.  She likes to only ski Deer Valley, so he and I went to the Park City Mountain resort to ski.  Temperatures were quite warm for this time of year and we were advised to ski in the afternoon, as the slopes were frozen in the morning.  I have found that there is a parking lot to the north of the main plaza that many locals from Salt Lake City park in.  There’s no walking up several levels of steps in ski boots carrying your skis—just across the parking lot.  I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for a parking space near the slope and ticket window.  When we arrived there were cars parked all the way out to the second lot across the road.  I went ahead and had a “feeling” to go down the second row of cars almost directly at the ticket booth.  About four cars from the end, suddenly a little Mini Cooper car pulled out right in front of us.  Both my son and I had a good laugh at this little car pulling out right when we needed it to.  It was a nice way to start our skiing, with a short walk to the ticket booth. 

As you might recall from my prior two month’s Potpourri articles, I found out in one of my meditations that I was supposed to encourage all of you to begin to meditate if you are not doing so already.  I do what I call an “active” meditation, which can be a lot of fun, as you can ask questions about anything in the world.  Even mainstream doctors recommend meditation as healthy for you physically and mentally.  On Easter Sunday, CBS’s Bob Schieffer (and TCU grad!) said the following to end his Washington DC interview program “Whether you pray or meditate the voice is always there.  We only have to listen.”  Very wise words.  Before I begin with more questions and answers, on March 19, there was a major mine disaster in a modern, five year old mine in Russia, resulting in the deaths of over 100 miners.  This was number three on my first 10 predictions for 2007 I recorded on my blog on December 26, 2006 and appeared in the Sedona Journal.  This marks the second mine disaster of the year.  So below are some messages I received during the past month.

Gaia – Did Jesus have 12 female disciples?

Ah a good question Tom to start the day.  Jesus did have female disciples but the Catholic Church erased all mention of them in their records, although they do have records still in existence of theses disciples’ existence. 

Were there 12?

Yes there were.   The Master of Love would not have excluded them although his own disciples did not particularly like it as women were not looked upon very highly in that time period.  But Jesus liked to balance the Yin with the Yang.

When will the Catholic Church finally open its achieves?

As I have mentioned before, there is a time coming when the Catholic Church will start revealing these hidden truths in order to attract followers by dishing them out one by one-- to again use a little pun. 

I’m amazed that that amount of information would not have come to life or light already.

Yes.  As you might suspect, Mary Magdalene headed the group, as she was the leader of the female group, and Jesus’ wife. 

Was Houdini poisoned by his enemies or did he die accidentally?

Ah, an interesting question to start the day.  Mr. Houdini did die of poisoning by his enemies.  They were quite upset with his exposure of their charlatan methods.  Naturally on a soul level he allowed this, as he felt he had gone just about a far as he could with his tricks and illusions.  So next question.

Yes, is my soul ancient or are all souls ancient?

Another good question Tom.  Your soul is especially ancient, although there are many souls that are also ancient.  There are also many souls that would be considered young, as they stand in line waiting to be able to experience earth lives so that they can learn and gain knowledge, even if it is in dire circumstances such as in Africa and some other corners of the world. 

So you would think that I should be at a point where I don’t have to come anymore, as I have heard that said about other souls?

Quite so, but you have chosen to keep coming for your love of other souls and to assist in their growth.  You were never the type of soul that sits around and waits for the others to arrive.  You are proactive so to speak.  Of course you know you can pick up a little karma that you have to deal with, but you are a very strong soul now and you have the ability to not let things get out of hand.

Japan had a 7.2 earthquake yesterday (3/25).  Will they have anymore that large or larger in 2007?    2008?

Yes they will have several more.  This begins a period of quite a bit of earth activity for them.  The earthquakes this year will top out around 8.0.  The earth must move in this region and they will be quite affected.  In 2008 the movement will become more frequent and severe.  The whole Pacific rim will be extremely active in both 2007 and 2008.  It is a time for change in these areas along what is called the Ring of Fire.  There will be several 7.0 to 8.0 earthquakes in this region this year and more next near.

Further to our discussion of Japan earthquakes, will Tokyo experience a 7.0 to 8.0 or more quake in 2007 or 2008?  

Yes it will.  They will have at least two to three more strong earthquakes this year, and then in 2008 there will be monumental earthquakes.  Japan is in for some disastrous changes I regret to say. 

And I assume Osaka too will have these same or similar earthquakes?

Yes they too will have these extremely strong earthquakes in their future too.

What is the hexagon shaped cloud on Saturn?

Obviously it is a storm, and I’m not sure I can describe in more detail it for you right now.   Let’s see. It is over an area whose magnetic properties draw the clouds in a hexagonal state.  This is not anywhere else certainly in this solar system and perhaps the universe, although I have not thoroughly checked that.  So the properties in the storm are drawn or thrown into that shape by forces greater on the surface of the planet.  It is also a sign to you on earth that there are mathematical or geometric shapes throughout the universe.  It is one of those puzzles for you that will intrigue you enough to want to discover why.

I may have asked this sometime in the past, but when will ET’s make their appearance to the general public—soon or far into the future?

Fairly far in the future Tom.  Your population in general is not ready for their appearance.  It would cause religions to collapse overnight.  So certainly at least 50 years or more into the future.

Speaking of religions, how long in the future before revelations come out about the hiding of information in the Vatican?

That will be much sooner, within the next 5 to 10 years.  It will happen when the next Pope takes office.   It will not be so long a time. 

In the future, will we continue to have 12 separate time lines?

Yes and no.  For the foreseeable future yes, but as you get far in the future the time lines will tend to combine as there will not be such a divergence in beliefs and separate actions as there is at the present time. This will not happen for a very long time, but will happen as you become a more loving, less violent society in general.

When will we travel to another solar system?

This will be easily 100 or more years in your future.  You must make great strides before you do this.

So it will be that soon?  I thought it would have to be much longer?

Yes, it will happen with a little help from your ET’s as you call them.  They will take a few people at a time to visit their worlds so that there will be a dissemination of knowledge about their worlds.  That will act as bridge for quite a long time until you develop your own spacecraft capable of traveling these long distances that you perceive.

Far into the future will we continue to speak audibly to each other after everyone learns to be telepathic?

A nice question to start the morning Tom.  Yes they will.  They will not give up their audible conversations, but they will enhance them with images and background thoughts to communicate more thoroughly with their friends and colleagues if you will. 

Will there be telepaths on space ships in the future for communication, or will all crew members be trained to communicate telepathically?

An interesting question Tom.  There will first be telepaths, but this will quickly change over to the crew being trained to do the same thing, so that communication will continue in case the telepath is critically injured or killed.  Early exploration will be dangerous until you have learned much about how things work in the universe and what dangers to avoid.

Anymore predictions you wish to give me today about 2007 or 2008?(4/1)

A major bus accident with loss of life will occur this year.  Yes I’m sending you an image of this now.  This will occur this year.  That’s the one for today.

 If we are considered to be one note of a soul in our incarnations on earth, then how many octaves would our souls be considered, and I will try and stay out of the way with my opinions?

Ah, a good question Tom.  Certainly many more octaves than you have heard—not just 12 or 13, but 12 to a factor of 12 (TTM—as you can tell, I’m not a mathematician).  Your souls are quite infinite in comparison to your individual incarnation here.  Keep in mind that as I have mentioned before, your souls are involved with thousands of lives at every moment that range across the universe and here on earth you also have multiple time lines for each incarnation.  So your souls are much more complex than anyone can conceive.  If the soul of earth can handle literally billions of activities by billions of different sorts of life on earth, then you can get a glimmer of what your souls are capable of. 

You told me recently that Muslims would eventually learn where the religions came from.  What did you mean by that?

That all three religions—Muslim, Judaism, and Christianity, all originated at the same time in the same place, and that this occurred not by happenstance, but by design.  That’s very important to realize, that it was by divine design that your Creator wanted to learn more about itself by exploring different beliefs and how they would relate to each other.  This was all part of divine design. 

When will the hurricane strike New Orleans this year that you told me would happen?

It will certainly be before August, but I would prefer to let that question rest there for the moment.  There will be an active hurricane season as your meteorologists predicted.  Perhaps even more than they have predicted, so I will say wait and see.

A quick question on “Inspiration.”  Does that come from your Guides, Guardian Angel, your Oversoul, or a combination?

Yes Tom.  It is a combination of influences in your lives.  Your Guides give you exactly that, guidance in your daily affairs to help keep you on the path you have chosen.  They will change as your interests change—such as a new job in a different field.   Your Guardian Angel is there to assist and work with other Guardian Angels if you ask them to assist you in the many Benevolent requests you can make.  So much of this can be considered Inspiration.  Then of course there is your oversoul, which is actually a portion of your soul that constantly gives you inspiration as needed.  You have laid out a path to follow, and your oversoul or soul makes sure that inspiration reaches you.  Whether you choose that inspiration or go off on another path is entirely up to you, as it is free will.  If you choose another path, then your soul will set up other learning experiences for you on that path, although those experiences will not be at as high a level as you would have preferred when you were planning your life before birth. 

With that I will wish you all a Most Benevolent month!




Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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