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This past weekend I conducted a workshop in Dallas that not only covered requesting Benevolent Outcomes, but also “Active” Meditations.  I’ll cover both topics before giving you some of my own questions I’ve asked during the past month.

Regarding Benevolent Outcomes, I was asked if you could just think the request and not say it out loud on write it.  My understanding is that since this is a third dimensional physical world, you have to speak the request or write it. 

Another question was about structure—can someone just request a Benevolent Outcome in any old fashion.  In my book I stated that this is “Angel Speak” and you are immediately notifying your Guardian Angel that you are making a request.  If I were to write the book today, I would add that we need to have a structure for these requests in order to make it a habit, and also to make it easy to say the requests without thinking.  Just visualize a huge stack of forms in front of you that all say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for ___________. Thank you.”  That stack of forms never goes down.  You will never request too many MBO’s!  If you have to think and fumble around saying the request, you’ll eventually give up requesting MBO’s because they take too much mental work.

I also went over the rules for requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  Besides the number one rule of saying them out loud, you must request a MBO for something specific for yourself.  If you wish to request a Benevolent Outcome for someone else, you say it a little differently, as a different set of angels handle these requests.  You say, “I ask _________. Thank you.” The next rule is that it must be benevolent for not only yourself, but for all those involved in the request, even if you accidentally or on purpose request something that is not benevolent for everyone involved.  And finally you have to ask—your Guardian Angel will joyfully assist you in ANYTHING, but you have to ask!

Then we went into “Active” Meditations as I call them and I conducted my first guided meditation.  I suggested to the class and to you now that you choose general questions to ask when starting out, as you may tense up or feel you are only getting what you believe to be true already.  Two of the ladies asked in their meditation who the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter actually was and both received Larry Burkehead. 

I was struck this week with an “inspiration” about active meditations.  It seems that what we are doing when we actively meditate, asking questions and receiving answers, would be the same as telepathy in a way, so this is what I asked:
Will Meditation as I’m doing now lead to telepathy?

Yes it absolutely will, Tom.  It’s good that you made the connection between what you call meditation and how telepathy is accomplished, using the same “thought packets” that I send to you.  That’s how telepathy is accomplished—those ‘thought packets’, you see.

Yes, but I wasn’t sure.  When will telepathy become the norm for earth people?

Obviously not for a long time Tom.  Certainly two to three hundred years or more.  But it has to start somewhere and that’s what you are going to point out in your talks and writing that being open to these ‘thought packets’ being received is how people someday will communicate with each other.  You could almost compare it to the advent of the computer.  It will take a long time for it to come into widespread use. 
Will there be any tornadoes that will strike the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in 2007?

No there will not be this year.  There will be some in the future, but not at on in this time period.  There will be some close by this area you speak of, but none in the cities or suburbs surrounding the cities.

OK, will there be any tornadoes that will strike a city this year?

Yes, but I’m not going to give you the specific city yet.  It will be in the south.    That’s all I will say at the moment.

Will John McCain be the Republican Party presidential nominee in 2008?

No he will not.  Another will be the nominee.  As your reception is not strong this morning, I will give you this name in the future but not today.

(A few days later) Will Rudi Juliani be the Republican Presidential nominee?

Yes he will.  He will outdraw Mr. McCain and the others, as he has the personality that will appear to be moderate to the Republican Party members.  You will see.  It will be an interesting debate on the Republican side; although Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama will have some interesting debates, her organization will prove too powerful for Mr. Obama to overcome.  Mr. Juliani on the other hand will appear to be the freshest candidate of the many men that are vying to be the Republican flag waver, as you call it.

Why would any soul choose a life like Anna Nicole Smith’s life?

An interesting question Tom.  A soul chooses a life like hers in the public life so that the soul learns how all the temptations and being in the public eye all the time affects the person.  She was both a good person in much of her life, having been abused earlier in her childhood, so she was always seeking love, although the form of love she found most of the time was simply physical and not deeply meaning.  She also had quite a bit of karma to rid herself of, and she took on or added karma to her list as you would call it.  Yes she had to suffer the loss of her son, as she had caused the loss of another’s son in a past life.  She is at peace now, and is trying her best to help her baby daughter wind up in the most benevolent home. 

How many years will it be before there is a manned flight to Mars and will it be a USA mission, a mixture of countries including the USA, or another country or countries?

Another good question Tom.  Yes it will be a number of years before that flight take place—some 25 years or perhaps a little more.  The United States will take part in the mission, but there will be other countries that help finance such an ambitious journey and the crew will be a mixture of different countries’ citizens.  It will be the start of earth’s exploration of the planets, although there will be moon missions again before the big launch to Mars.  There will be dramatic improvements in equipment and vehicles prior to that launch that will enable the astronauts to travel faster and more securely to the red planet.  The soul of Mars tells me that it is excited and awaiting its visitors from earth.  They will be well cared for during their stay, as you would take care and welcome visitors to your house.

Will there be larger earthquakes in Oklahoma this year?

Yes they will have some larger earthquakes this year than the 2.4 or so one they just had.  They will increase to the 3.5 to 4.0 category or strength. 

Is this connected in any way to the New Madrid fault line? 

Yes of course.  Your scientists have yet to find or discover how connected these fissures are.  And also how much more extensive they run than previously thought. 

Why are bees disappearing by the millions?

They are returning home Tom.    Their particular work is done and they have been picked up and transported to their natural home. 

(February 15) Has the time line split yet?

Yes it has Tom.  Just in the last two days.  And you did not notice anything did you?


Will we see more hate groups or hate crimes in 2007, less, or about the same?

I would say about the same.  I do feel Mr. Hardaway’s outburst of homophobia as he himself admitted will cause lively discussions about bigotry, as was on your TV last night and will be a teaching exercise to those who perhaps do not realize they are or have a bigoted opinion about gays.  This is beneficial.  But to restate my answer to your question, there will be only about as many hate crimes this year as before.

Will this start to wane anytime soon?

Yes, I do see it waning especially with the new generations that are much more lenient than the older generations that grew up in a much more prejudicial time than the children of today are.  You are slowly starting to learn to live with each other, although your perceived immigration problem as you call it will continue for a while.  But you are correct in your thinking that the migration of people will only be slowed but never stopped when people are seeking a better life. 

Will scientists find remnants of any ancient settlements on the Antarctic Continent and if so, when?

Fairly soon, actually.  Within the next five years they will begin discovering these settlements or cities from an ancient time.  This will bring archeologists by the droves to this continent to discover what lies beneath this ice sheet, although some of the settlements will be barely below, as they were coastal settlements.  They will eventually discover large remnants of cities .  Keep in mind that this continent was not always locked in ice.  It was a verdant continent before the axis rolled.  It was done to give this continent a rest, as it was heavily populated at one time many thousands of years ago.  It was modern even by your standards so that each discovery made here will seem even more fantastic than the last.

Who were these people?  The Mu people, Atlantians, or even a society before them?

It was a people that were quite a long time before the Atlantians and Mu’s.  You have no written record or even legends about these people. 

Is Autism hereditary and when will they discover the cause and when will a cure come about?

Good question for today Tom.  Autism is hereditary through a certain gene in the DNA.  They will find the cause when they are able to understand the DNA strand more completely, which scientists are working on every day.  It will take years of research, but the cause and cure will be found when they discover the difference in an autism child’s DNA Strand and a normal child’s.  In fairly fast order they will correct it.  There will be many great developments in this area over the next few years, Tom. 

So what year do you see this happening?

Not for at least ten years, Tom.  There will be a flood of cures coming at that time as they understand the DNA strand more fully.

Did Jules Verne have a life in the 20th or 21st century just before his life as a Science Fiction writer?

Yes of course he did.  He had a life that was in this time period so that he could then go back and inspire people to think about what was to come.  This is done often to assist your people, your population to think about what can be and then create it.  This was a good question Tom.  As you well know, your lives are not in linear fashion but you have them not only for learning purposes, but to contribute to the advancement of your Explorer Race.  Jules Verne witnessed all these things he wrote about by having been there before.  In most people’s opinion, he was just a brilliantly gifted writer with a vivid imagination, but now the cat is out of the bag so to speak.  Science Fiction writers do tend to have lives far in advance of their present lives so that they can make a contribution to society by saying this and that is possible, now create it. 

And with this I wish everyone a Most Benevolent Month!




Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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