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I’m going to give you some more predictions for 2007 in this article but first, up until the last three months, my articles have been about how to use requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life to be more successful and less stressful and how to lower the “fear factor” of daily life. As I reported last month, I have found out through my meditations that I’m supposed to also encourage you to meditate. I was told this would be quite beneficial to you, as I can attest, but also to the planet as you’ll help raise the vibrations of our whole population. So now I’m not only going to continue to speak about the benefits of requesting Benevolent Outcomes and saying Living Prayers, but I will also give you information I have learned each month through what I call “active” meditations where I ask questions and receive answers. I hope this will encourage you to try this yourself, because if I can do it, you certainly can, and many of you will be even better than I. Remember that this is a skill that simply takes “Practice, Practice, Practice” as I’ve been told over and over again in my meditations. You simply put yourself into an altered state, have a list of questions you wish to ask (general questions I found are much better than personal ones at the beginning, as you interject yourself and your beliefs into the responses), and then write or type the answers. You can go to the appendix section of my book to read a simple meditation you can do. Or you can use a meditation CD or tape to assist you in achieving this altered state. One person that I really like to hear on CD’s is Dick Sutphen. He is a licensed hypnotist, plus he has written several books considered “classics” in the metaphysical genre. You can go to my website listed below by my photo for both links on buying the book and to Dick Sutphen’s website.I’m going to start calling these articles “Potpourri.” Besides Webster’s Dictionary definition of a jar full of flower petals, the dictionary also defines the word as “a group or collection of miscellaneous literary productions” and “a general mixture of often disparate or unrelated materials or subject matter.” I think these descriptions will fit my articles to a “T.”

With that I would like to quickly update a Living Prayer that I wrote about previously, as I consider this the most important Living Prayer I was “inspired” to say, but it was also confirmed in a meditation how beneficial it will be for each of you to say this too. I now say this Living Prayer each morning at the time I say my daily affirmation. Since I last wrote about it, I have “tweaked” it just a little, so here is the latest version:


I ask that any and all being come to the aid and comfort of anyone that I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, or emotionally in any past, present or future life, and I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of the families of anyone that I have ever harmed in any way in any past, present or future life, thank you.

I would like to thank “Janis” who emailed to inform me that there had been a mine disaster in China. I found the story listed on Yahoo, reported February 10, where 24 miners died in central China. This was my number three prediction on my list of ten. Now for some additional predictions I received for 2007 to add on to the 10 I listed last month:

11. More progress on the cancer front. They are close to finding cures for a number of different cancers.
12. There are a number of “gadgets” coming for the home;.
13. Oil prices will go down.
14. World Weather: In Indonesia, besides earthquakes, they will have quite unusual weather. It will be hotter than normal, followed by floods. In the Middle East, there will be floods also as rains come in torrents and at unusual times. Africa will see fairly normal weather this year, as will Australia and New Zealand. North America will see springtime floods due to so much rain and snow. Europe will be deluged at times also, as the storms work their way across the Atlantic and deposit their rains and snows upon that continent. Asia also will see typhoons and heavier than normal rains. The weather patterns are or will be very active this year with more severe storms and hurricanes and typhoons than normal. (Jan 14)
15. There will be more news of improprieties that will again make headlines. These will be abusive in nature. Another religious leader will be found to be having or had relationships with young boys.
16. The tornadoes in 2007 will be more intense and violent than normal, and there will be an increase of 5% to 10% above the normal average of 1,000, due to not only El Nino, but also other factors such as the colder arctic air being drawn down towards the south more frequently this year.

Now for some questions that I asked in the past month:

According to “Messages from Matthew”, 60 years ago Earth was near death. Is that true?

No, that is not correct. Earth has never been that near death. It is a planet that is here for your growth and learning. If it had been in any danger, the current population could have been wiped out and started over with a clean slate so to speak. Mr. Matthew is a little melodramatic shall we say in his postings. They are for a certain segment of the population that feeds on that type of information or claims. Earth is just fine and to answer your question about the 3rd dimension, yes, there are other peoples inhabiting earth in a lower 3rd dimensional situation.

Will the Federal Reserve system and our IRS be dissolved anytime in the near future?

Certainly not. They are as entrenched as a boulder in a cliff. It will not be dislodged anytime soon. That again is wishful thinking for that part of the population that wishes it to happen.

An editor and publisher of a regional magazine brought up an interesting point. She doesn’t like printing predictions because she feels her readers would then be part of helping create these events. Your response?

It is true that you are creators Tom, but in the case of most predictions, they are not just created or co created. There are many other factors at work here. First these events must happen only with the souls’ agreements that will be involved in the event. It cannot happen unless the souls need this event to happen for the experience and growth of the individual souls involved in the event. Therefore most, if not all, major and even small events are completely with the acquiescence of the souls involved. They are actually the ones that set up these events for learning and sometimes you can pick up these events in advance before they occur. Some people are good at picking up these events and some people make them up as your Rev. Robertson did recently. It all depends upon tuning into that stream of knowledge.

A 15-year-old boy, Shawn, has been in the news lately about his kidnapping and imprisonment for 4 years. What sort of Karma did he have?

Good question Tom. He has imprisoned other people unjustly before in another life. He agreed on a soul level to experience this himself in this life and to bring forth new facts about how these predators work to frighten and terrorize their captives. This information will prove invaluable in assisting law enforcement in bringing these children home in the future. There are still others like him out there having the same experience.

Was the younger boy Ben sent as sort of a Guardian Angel, or did he have a debt to Shawn to repay?

He did have a debt to repay from long ago when Shawn in another life saved his life. Both were able to repay their Karmic debt through these actions.

What about the predator Devlin? What was his Karmic debt or did he not have one and just added this to his list?

Mr. Devlin has been a predator in other lives and this carried over into this life. This time he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life, but he will still have Karmic debts to pay after his life ends here.

Has he kidnapped other children before?

Absolutely, as you had guessed already. Shawn was not the first. The others are dead. Their remains will be found with or without Mr. Devlin’s assistance. Shawn may assist in this.

Will the Democratic candidate be Mr. Barack Obama or Mrs. Clinton, or someone else?

The candidate for the Democratic Party will be Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Obama may or may not be her running mate. That is not decided yet.

China recently launched a rocket and destroyed an old weather satellite. Does the USA already have weapons in space or do they just have the same capability as China?

Good question Tom. I will say that the United States does have the same capability and even more sophisticated weapons at their disposal that I will not speak of at this time.

So is this the start of star wars as it has been called?

Not necessarily. Both will proceed cautiously. China wanted the United States to know that it has the capability, and now they know for certain that China can react to any incursions by the United States. The United States does not at this time wish to reveal what weapons they have in their arsenal so things will remain copasetic for the time being. Neither wishes to get too involved in an arms race in space yet. That may come in the future, but not now.

Will sex slavery be wiped out within the next 20 years?

No, but there will be great advances in this area so that it will be greatly reduced, starting in the next three years or so. There will be more legislation in all countries to eradicate and toughen the rules on transporting these girls and boys between countries and then eventually in the countries themselves that are most known for this.

Will the new passport laws that the USA just adopted have the side effect of helping this problem?

Not so much, but yes, a little. Many of these girls and boys for the sex slaves are brought over the border illegally, not going through your customs facilities.

I guess someday they will actually go to the root of the problem and discover why men and I assume women are so attracted to children.

Yes, this is a very dark problem for many souls on earth at this time. They take on a great amount of karma that they have to pay at some time in a future life.

What about the perpetual energy electrical machine I received an email about. It appeared to be a scam, but I could be wrong.

No it was a scam as you call it perpetuated by someone that will take the money and run so to speak. They kept the figure down so that many would opt to send the small amount but it will be a lot of money if they receive a good response.

Will Iran & the USA go to war with each other or will they continue to “rattle swords?”

Iran will continue its saber rattling for the time being. They are trying to show the rest of the Middle East that they do not fear the Americans. They do wish to take over the Middle East but it will not happen for several reasons. First the United States has great interest in keeping the oil flowing. Secondly, its neighbors Jordan and Saudi Arabia do not wish to be subjugated to Iran. Nor do the other Gulf States. They will resist and call on their European friends to assist in this battle of wills, as the USA will eventually retreat from Iraq, with its nose bloodied. They may never again invade a country as they did Iran. They will have too many domestic problems to take care of and will retreat from being the policeman of the world. Diplomacy will take over and although there will be smaller conflicts, nothing so major as Iraq.

I have not asked about Africa in some time I don’t think. What is the future for Africa these days with all the war and misery that is occurring there?

The world’s attention is slowly shifting to this enormous continent. The people there have suffered long and slowly will this ease, but only after many more people—yes in the millions--have died. Yes you are receiving this correctly. It is part of their Karma to have these things happen to them, as they have subjugated people in their past lives and brought misery and death to others. It will be a great cleansing as the population diminishes and then grows again in the not too far distant future. There are some stabilizing forces in Africa and stable countries. They will assist in this effort for their own reasons including keeping their own countries stable. It is a very complex issue Tom, one that will obviously take years to play out.

When do you see U.S. troops starting to withdraw from Iraq?

Not for quite some time. It will be only in 2008 that they will start to withdraw with a hefty push of political pressure from both sides of the aisle so to speak in your Congress. It will be done to try and stem the political loss of blood as the President finds his policies just do not work to keep the Sunnis and Shiites in some sort of peaceful coexistence. They must work out these problems themselves with the assistance of European negotiators. As I said before, the U.S. will withdraw with its nose bloodied from Iraq.

The Texas governor just ordered that all young girls be vaccinated for cervical cancer. Is this a safe vaccine?

No it is not. It has serious side effects not discovered yet. These include—and here you will have difficulty following me—changes in their molecular structure in their cells. It will open them up for other diseases in the coming years. So do include this in your column and other writing. It is important for people to reject this vaccine for their female children.

Adam Walsh was slain 25 years ago. Did he know that his father would become a crusader against criminals?

Yes of course he did on a soul level. It was a sacrifice on his part so that many other lives would be saved, including those of many, many children. His father’s work will continue for several more years. There are a great many deviates in this world and in this country that will be prevented from harming children because of his father’s efforts. He is doing good work.

How will the Muslim religion moderate in the coming years?

Good question, Tom. Let’s see, it will be quite some time before this religion moderates as you call it. It will take a movement inside the religion to moderate it and take back the control from the hard-liners as you call them. The rigid fundamentalists will slowly pass from the scene and be replaced by people that do not believe that killing others is proper and that it is against their basic root beliefs. But again, this will take many years and they will be a thorn in world events and politics for some time to come. Yes a day of reckoning will come, just not as fast as everyone would hope.

Will it be even longer before they accept other religions and beliefs?

Yes, but again this moderation movement as I will call it will continue to moderate to a point where they accept the beliefs of others as valid as their own and will someday understand how and why all these religions began from the same place.

With that I will wish you all a Most Benevolent Month!




Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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