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Below are more questions that I posed to my Guardian Angel, who I said in my previous article we have agreed on a name of Theo, since I would not be able to pronounce his angelic name.

Do my guides communicate with me directly or through you Theo?

They actually communicate through me, sort of like uploading information into a computer and then it is downloaded as whispers in your ear and thoughts.  You are noticing it now much more than you did before.  Most people never recognize when they are being given some information out of nowhere. 

OK Theo, were you created by this creator of our universe or before he created this?

I was created before and was drawn to this work at virtually the very beginning. 

That was a long time ago even in our concepts, yes?

Yes, millions of years, but there is as you remember, only linear time for you here.  There is no time for us, so everything happens at a furious rate, which is indescribable to someone in 3d. 

So who created you?

I was created by another creator that allowed us the freedom to seek our own way and be attracted to other creations, if that was what we wanted to do.  There was absolutely no control. 

When a guardian angel does make a physical appearance in time of crisis, does the angel just choose a form that works then or does the angel choose a form from one of that person’s pats lives?

An interesting question and as you can imagine it has a number of answers.  First normally the forms chosen are of the guardian angel’s choice in order to fit the situation, but yes there are times when the guardian angel feels that hat person will be in a heightened state of awareness and will recognize someone on a subliminal level from a past life and will feel more comfortable about this appearance out of nowhere so to speak.  As I mentioned before, this is a very complex event and has as many answers.

How many years in the future will you perform your service for someone?

I perform this service up to about 7,000 years in the future.  That’s a very long time for earth to continue.

Do you act as my conscience?

Yes, in the way that you mean, I do.  We, your guides and me, are always sending you information and feelings to take a higher road or the best road for you, the best path the best direction.  As this is a free choice world, many, many times you—meaning humans in general—do not heed these messages in your ear and proceed down a path that causes you much heartache.  Yet, your soul learns more when you do this, even though you many times pick up great karma in doing so that must be taken care of in a future life.  So yes we do seemingly act as your conscience, although this is all part of the service we perform.  This is just a label that has been used for centuries.

Do you meet me at my time of passing?

Yes I’m there with many other spirits to greet you and in forms that will be recognizable to you.  You will have a crowd this time like no other.

Are there angels actually assigned or volunteer for death duty or is this simply done by you and my guides?

No there are loving angels that assist in this death process Tom.  There are many jobs to be performed on this side of the veil for you and death duty is one of them, as these angels have great compassion and love and are able to transform themselves into whatever form your belief system calls for to assist in the transition. 

Will I need much time to recuperate after this life, or after reviewing this life will I jump into preparations for the next one?

You will need some time to adjust to the fact that you are not hindered by an old decrepit body, so yes there will be some time as you adjust back to the vibrant soul or portion of one that you are.  You will just not need as much as the normal soul fragments or soul pieces.  Understanding and knowledge will not have to be so dramatic and seemingly long lasting, as say for your friends that only believe in heaven as taught by the church.  So yes is the answer that you will take time to recuperate and see all your old friends.  It is the time to do that and enjoy each other’s company unencumbered by being veiled. 

You mentioned meeting with guides before each birth yet lives happen simultaneously, so how can all these meetings happen at the same time?

Yes this is difficult to explain in 3d.  They have the appearance to you of being one life after another, as there has to be some linear correlation..  Therefore although there is technically no time on this side of the veil, there has to be a division between this Nirvana, and the activities that go on there, and the activities that go on, on a soul level.  It is very complicated, but there is still separateness after your death and before the next life.  Perhaps that is not a complete answer, but very close to explain why each time feels like an ending and preparation for a new beginning.

What form do you take during my life preparations or do any of us have a form?

Yes you do take on a form that is convenient.  It is more an energy form than a human looking form.  By then you will have passed the need to look like a human form and can be the energy that you are.  You have great energy so your form gives off very beautiful colors unique to you, as you must remember that there are color spectrums that are far beyond those of earth.

I read that master Kirael says that we have a higher self, then soul group and then oversoul.  Is that how it is?

In a simplified way yes. 

So what is a higher self? 

It is simply your connection to the group of souls and onto your oversoul, which is the main part of the soul.

Theo, what are Cherubim?

These sweet energies we will call them are the Creator’s children so to speak.  They bring joy to everyone.  They have no purpose other than to bring laughter, and love and playfulness everywhere they go.  They keep us happy and we greatly enjoy their company.

Is my soul group all part of one soul or a group of several souls?

Your soul group is all from your one soul.  You soul created this group for you to interact with each other.  And your soul group interacts with other soul groups so that you can take part at times in each other’s activities.  Complicated, but that’s the basis of how this works Tom. 

I thought these were different souls.

No, you have to have a soul group with extremely close interests and the way that is achieved is to have this as a sub group made up by your oversoul. 

What is the difference between you and an Archangel?

More in knowledge and abilities Tom, just as Gaia has mastered some things, these masters are great masters with amazing knowledge and understanding.
A couple of days ago you mentioned that Gaia had beautiful colors and energies when speaking with me.  Since you’re both whole souls, why was that important to mention to me, and what would be the difference in colors to you, being a whole soul?

Ah an interesting question Tom.  Gaia, as you have deduced, is a soul that is a master of quantum mechanics and other mastery as well.  Gaia therefore has beautiful colors that emanate from her because of the vibration that she already has attained. Because she has taken on such enormous challenges, she has been able to raise her vibration, as you call it, to another level.  I think you understand what I’m saying to you.  Therefore, I find these colors beautiful and worth mentioning to you, since you are not able to see them yourself.  My job is to take care of you and assist you in learning and answering your questions when you have them about such things.

Any questions or information I haven’t asked that people would want to know about Guardian Angels?

Only to remind everyone that you have so much assistance on this side of the veil.  Request Benevolent Outcomes, and ask for assistance in your work and in your relationships to let us guide you along the best path.  We always have your best interests at heart, as we love you dearly.

With that I’ll wish you a Most Benevolent Month!



Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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