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(Excerpt from Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings by Brad Steiger)

In July in 2005 I discovered that I could communicate with other beings while in a light Alpha altered state.  This took place during a seminar put on by the master hypnotist Dick Sutphen, who is well known for his books on past lives. 

I had decided to try and communicate with an American Indian Shaman living in the western United States during the 1600’s by the name of Reveals the Mysteries.  He had been “channeled” for me by my friend Robert Shapiro.  When Richard put us under ostensibly to try our hand at automatic writing, I thought in my mind, “Reveals the Mysteries, are you there?”  He responded, “Yes I am Tom,” and I thought to myself “Wow!” 

He went on to tell me I was an Indian Shaman by the name of “Still Water,” living at that same time, and I had decided to “…reintroduce people to The Gentle Way,” in the 20th and 21st centuries.  That became the title of my first book, from that very first conversation with Reveals the Mysteries.   Later I would begin to communicate with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth and my own Guardian Angel, who I named Theo, as he said our vocal chords were not made to say angelic names.  Theo told me we can communicate with anyone anywhere in the universe because we receive “thought packets” which we filter according to our education, knowledge, and spiritual beliefs.  But it’s even easier if the person is part of your soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them, which on average is six to twelve fragments of your soul.  Reveals the Mysteries turned out to be part of my soul “cluster.”

A couple of years later, I was communicating with Theo in meditation one morning on the subject of ancient ET ruins on earth, and Theo told me, “They will be able to point these artifacts out to you at some future point.”  I asked if he meant “you” generally or “you” personally.  He responded, “It will be you personally Tom.  You will have the privilege of meeting a Sirian one day.”  He then asked if I would like to speak to him, as he was tuning into us.  After I got over the surprise that we were on a “party line” and not having a confidential conversation, I declined and said I would put together some questions for my next meditation.  And thus began many, many questions for my soul “cluster” brother living a life in the Sirius B Star System.

I would have difficulty receiving his name correctly for several weeks.  First it was “Antu,” then “Anturara,” and finally one day he almost shouted out the word (thought packet-wise) “AntuRAH!”  He explained that we had several lives together, the last one being in Atlantis.  He said he had more lives on earth after that, just not with me. 

I would have another big surprise after we began communicating.  I had always heard first public contact would be with people that looked just like us—probably the Pleiadians.  So naturally I assumed since he would be coming to see us he would appear just like any earth human—more or less. 

In one of our early conversations I was asking him about his planet and he explained that it had a small landmass, with most of the planet covered by water.   I then asked if he lived on land or in the ocean, and he replied he was a water being—an amphibian!  He likes the term coined by the host of a radio show I appeared on—“Aqua Man.”  If you saw any of the “Hellboy” movies, there is an amphibian character by the name of Abe Sapien.  If you do a search for images from that movie, you’ll get as close as we possibly can to a photographic description of him.  He has gills behind rounded ears.  He has “strikingly beautiful” (he says) blue skin tinged with white and yellow to blend with the ocean, for protection in their early lives on the planet.  His eyes are round, but smaller than the Zeta eyes, with eyelids, and a smaller nose.  He has four digits—no thumbs, as they say they don’t need them and four toes.  Naturally they are webbed.   They’re vegetarians and not oxygen breathers.

Antura says they live to be 1200 to 1500 years old, as their lives are not as difficult as ours.  He is already between 450 and 500 years of age.  They do excrete waste, just not as often as we do.  Their females typically do not have children until after their 125th year and no periods until they are ready to conceive.  Gestation is six months to birth their “little tadpoles” as he humorously says.   They sleep a little less than earth humans and dream as most beings in the universe.  Their universal greeting is to wish a long life or good life.  They were amused at the Star Trek greeting (but I still like it!).

Antura’s water planet is one of over 20 planets in the Sirius B Star System.  Only ten to twelve percent of the planet is land mass and there are beings that live on the land, which they are friends with.  Their city is approximately one mile below the surface, with a large percentage of it dry, but also many places with access to water.  He and his family live in what we would consider an apartment building.  As is typical, it seems, of other societies in the universe they do not play competitive games, as that involves negativity.  He says that’s what earth people will bring to the rest of the universe—small amounts of negativity—typically .2% to 2% maximum.  Even though it will be several hundred years this seems to make them nervous.  We’re supposed to be the catalysts to get these societies moving again to raise their vibrational levels.  I thought they would be at 5.85 on the fifth focus frequency scale but was told it was more like 5.35, and his planet has been inhabited for around 18 million years!

He said I originated on that planet, and in fact was one of the first souls to have a life there; and he also said I was one of the first to have a life on earth.  It seems each life I have there is as some sort of spiritual master, as that is my soul’s main interest.  He further stated that my next life will be back on the water planet before my next earth life as a female space pilot of one of 17 earth star ships in the 3400 era.  Antura said we will not begin traveling to the stars until around 3250.  One earth ship will actually leave for one of the nearer star systems without the advantage of “portal hopping” as Antura calls it, but will be rescued by one of the very first starships using portals to travel a few years later. 

He explains that you cannot go from one side of the universe to the other with one portal hop; it takes several.  He compared it to Southwest Airlines going from one part of the United States to the other making three or four stops.  When I expressed surprise at the comparison he explained they know “everything” about us, having studied us for years and years.  The best explanation I could get out of him is that there are folds in space.  I asked for a better explanation and he said he could not, as our scientists must figure that out themselves.  He said to imagine waves in the ocean. 

So why did he contact me?  He’s part of a “first contact team” that contacts other planets as they find them all over the universe.  I asked him what was the last planet he performed this duty on, and he said it was a planet inhabited by what we might call sloths.  They’re a few thousand years away from more development, but they like to introduce themselves at an early stage.  They somehow used the form of a wise sloth so as not to frighten the local population. 

When asked what was his background that made him ideal for the first contact team, he said he had lived 800 lives on earth and that had given him the “gift of gab.”  It seems he does grass roots type contacts, as compared to the team members who work with governments and scientists.  Which is where I come in.  Since I’m one of his soul cluster “brothers,” he said he planned to meet with me and two other people when they come in 2017, two years after the Pleiadians (who do look just like us) make first public contact in Europe in 2015.  One of the other people is a lady living in Provence in Southern France.  She’s also a member of our soul cluster.  He says I even have visited the town during my many trips to Cannes as part of my international film and TV program distribution business.  The other person lives in Asia and is not a soul cluster member, but Antura has had a number of lives with him on earth. 

So I thought this will be interesting, getting to meet a real life alien.  He explained that I would be given instructions to go to a remote location where he would meet me.  Naturally I asked if I could have a ride in the “scout craft,” which he described as typically saucer shaped, about 40 feet in diameter, and capable of carrying 5 to 8 passengers.   He said of course I could.  Now after hundreds of more questions I’ve discovered that I’ll actually go to his “mothership” and can stay for a month or two if I wish, getting to know all the crew members. 

He says that the mothership, which is thousands of years old, holds 700 to 1000 crewmembers.  He told me my senses would be on overload, as there will be so many different types of ET’s I’ll meet, mostly from the Sirius B System--but others too, including two reptilians who “like to stay to themselves.”  He explained that several million years ago there was a real star wars started by the reptilians.  It was really nasty, as instead of blowing up a planet as we’ve seen in the sci-fi movies, they would blow up the sun, destroying all the planets in that solar system.  And this went on for several thousand universal years (which are different from earth years).  Finally peace came again.  Supposedly I had a hand in the peace process during one of my spiritual master lives.  I suggested that the reptilians be allowed to take part in the “earth experiment” by providing souls too.  I’ve been told that one of my current friends has a reptilian soul and was put in my path so that I could see how they’re faring. 

Recently I found that that we would also visit our moon in Antura’s scout craft.  We’ll probably go the “conventional” way of a speedy trip there and then he’ll demonstrate a “portal hop” back to the mothership. 

Of course I had many questions about the mothership, especially when I learned how many different beings would be on board.  He explained that when the crew is known they are able to insert “modules” to accommodate each being according to its needs.  There will be birds, insects, amphibians, and all sorts of humanoids on board as best I understand.  I did make sure my module would have a toilet!  He said no problem. 

It seems the mothership, at least in the common areas, has a mild temperature setting, but I’ll be wearing sort of a mini force field, which will supply me with slightly higher oxygen content than is normal on earth, with my own temperature setting.  There are translation devices far beyond what we have today, which will enable me to speak to anyone on board and vice versa.  The crew does not wear uniforms, just their normal attire they wear on their home planets (assuming they wear anything).  Antura says that some beings meet in common areas for meals and some beings eat elsewhere and join for discussion later.  He said I wouldn’t want to see some of the eating habits—even he doesn’t wish to.  Not sure if I wish to find out too much more about that, but we’ll see. 

There doesn’t seem to be a real work schedule.  Beings work when they feel like it or are motivated to do some specific work—taking readings or whatever they do when they’re studying earth.  Antura says, “Parking is at a premium,” as there can be upwards of 50 ships from not only our galaxy and universe, but even other universes too, as we seem to be the big story—switching from the third to the fifth focus.  That’s never been done before by any other society. 

It’s my understanding that it will be my job to introduce the beings of the Sirius B Star System to the people on earth, as they look so different from the Pleiadians.  It’s one thing to meet people from another star system whose appearance is very close to yours, but I think there’s a fear-factor of meeting intelligent beings—and even much more intelligent perhaps than you—who look quite strange indeed.  Although they probably will not be on his ship Antura says there are humanoids with horns, snouts, some 15 feet tall, and some very short or even tiny. 
As I mentioned earlier, they’re millions of years ahead of us in technology, but they are not progressing vibrationally, and that’s what our contribution to the universe will be—as catalysts.  

We will be invited to join this Federation of Planets.  There are approximately 200 planets in this particular group.  Antura says there are several other groups or federations of planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy, all but one of them friendly.  That one just wishes to be left alone.  But of course, earthlings like a challenge!

So in conclusion, it will be interesting to see if the time line holds up.  The last time I asked Antura, he said it was more solidified than ever.  If 2015 rolls around and the Pleiadians show up, I might start to be exited, but for now I’m just passing along some of the many things I’ve learned from my “brother on another planet.” 




Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at


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