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There has been much misinformation published regarding the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids, not far from Sarajevo.  I wish to present my findings both from a spiritual standpoint and from attending a lecture given by the founder of the pyramids, Dr. sci. Semir (Sam) Osmanagich. 

For my weekly newsletter in January of 2011, during meditation, I asked Gaia soul of the earth:

Gaia, are the mounds or hills in Bosnia that have been reported to be pyramids actually pyramids or are they natural formations?

No, certainly these are pyramids Tom that the gentleman discovered.  They are overgrown through thousands of years of neglect, after they were abandoned.  Slowly they are discovering more about this complex of pyramids, as he has much assistance from the local area.  These pyramids do date much earlier than they currently believe, so they have much left to discover over the next 25 years or so.

Then in early February of this year I read an article about an energy beam emitting from the largest pyramid in the complex, named the Sun Pyramid (and larger than the one on the Giza plateau), so I asked my own Guardian Angel Theo about it:

Yes, Tom.  The more they explore these pyramids the more mysteries they must solve.  There is energy—a beam emitting from the large pyramid.  Certainly there is a connection there with its purpose to be determined by the scientists involved in the research.  There were healing chambers as they speculated Tom.  There are many more intriguing discoveries they will make over the next few years.

Little did I know at the time that I would be invited by my friend Robert to attend a lecture that Saturday night about the pyramids by the gentleman who discovered them—Dr. Osmanagich.  May I say that both of us felt it was one of the best and most interesting lectures either of us had ever attended.  Dr. Sam, in 2.5 hours, covered the scientific proof of their legitimacy in great detail with photos, references to scientific studies etc.  I would compare this to perhaps an exciting lecture by an archeologist in the 1800’s returning to London with perhaps photos and drawings of the Giza pyramids.

Do not believe anyone who tries to claim it isn’t manmade.  There has been a concerted effort by the head of Egyptian Antiquities Zahi Hawass, to put pressure on archeologists and scientists in Europe to say the Bosnian Pyramids are natural phenomena.  When one of his own staff visited the pyramids and declared they were manmade, he was fired upon his return to Egypt.  His letters to these people, in my opinion, is a thinly veiled attempt to threaten their future digs in Egypt.  We must also consider that because they can scientifically prove these pyramids are over 10,000 years old, there is also a religious backlash from groups in both Egypt and Bosnia that would claim this is heresy.

Keep in mind this is big business for the Egyptians.  Up until the recent unrest in Egypt, there was 30 billion dollars in tourism each year.  Even if Bosnia was to take 10% of that away it would amount to 3 billion dollars!  That’s why Hawass, plus the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Culture had a meeting to discuss just the Bosnian Pyramids. 

But having owned an international wholesale tour company myself, I believe the Bosnian Pyramids will carve out their own tourists.  I foresee tour groups touring the Eastern Bloc of countries making a one or two day stop for their clients to view the pyramids, before moving on to other tourist destinations, and other tourists making it a longer stay, but still including additional stops.

I bought Sam’s book at the lecture—Ancient History: From Beyond the Veil.  In it he enlisted six readers of the Akashic Records to give information on not only the Bosnian Pyramids, but also the Giza Pyramids and several others around the world.  What I find pleasing about this is a scientist’s attempt to work hand in hand with spirit to discover the answers and point the way for his efforts.   In the book Lois J. Wetzel, the author of Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives, did a reading for Dr. Sam.  She received that he came from another universe, so I decided to ask my GA Theo about this.

Theo, did Dr. Semir Osmanagich come from another universe to this one?

Yes Tom.  That report is fairly accurate.  His is an old soul who came to this universe, and got caught up in the earth experiment.  He has had over 800 lives on earth, a very seasoned soul as you have deduced.  He was the creator—builder involved in the construction of those pyramids, as they were designed for spiritual reasons beyond your normal 3rd dimensional understanding at this time.  Those secrets will slowly be revealed in the coming years, thanks to his and others’ efforts and work.  And as you can imagine one day those pyramids will be just as important and just as visited as those in Egypt.  They are limited in their ability to house tourists, but that will soon be rectified, as not just one, but several hotel facilities will see the business to be had, along with creating other things to do of a more touristy nature shall we call it. 

He was advised to concentrate on the interiors of the pyramids and not so much the exterior, but shouldn’t there be continuous work on both, as revealing more and more of the face will bring that much more recognition.

Yes Tom.  He should continue to have a portion of the people, along with perhaps some earth front end loaders as they are called, plus a couple of trucks to haul the dirt away, so that more and more of the pyramid will be displayed.  That will bring more scientists and more tourists, which he can also begin charging to visit and have guided tours.  There will soon be a great shift in perception by the public and archeologists who have been threatened by the Egyptians, who are protecting their “turf,” shall we say to disparage his work. 

For more information on the Bosnian Pyramids go to:  and for Dr. Osmanagich: /

In the coming years we will see some great discoveries being revealed as the archeological work continues on the Bosnian Pyramid complex. 




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